Whoever Killed the Electric Car - It Has Been Revived

Chris and I watched the video about the death of the electric car several months ago. And, since the gas prices have gone nutso in the last year, that has caused companies to look at new options. This just happens to be an option that I'm sure will be in our futures.

Plug in electric cars will be a certain part of our future. I still think the hybrid - electric along with gas options - should be the current strategy.

What do you think?
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The world's first electric family car you can plug in at home

Nissan has unveiled an affordable electric family car that could soon be sitting in thousands of garages around Britain.

The five-seater Leaf hatchback will be charged from a plug socket at home and has a top speed of 76mph. 

nissan leaf
nissan car

The Japanese car manufacturer believes that the car's 100-mile range is
a distance that covers the needs of 80 per cent of drivers.

Nissan will begin selling the first Leaf cars in the U.S., Japan and
Europe towards the end of 2010, adding two more models soon after.

Carlos Ghosn

The Leaf will also feature IT connectivity, so that drivers can
programme their mobile phones to reset charging or even turn on the
air-conditioning before they get into the car.

And since the batteries are placed under the vehicle’s floor there will be plenty of room to stash the shopping.

Other automakers such as Toyota and Volkswagen have also announced
plans to launch electric cars

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