what I have done with my weekend so far...

So I (Chris)have this really bad urge to bake for the last several weeks. So today I decided to go for it!
I actually made this yesterday for dessert. Blueberry Buckle!
And here it is with a little bit of cream cheese icing on it!
Careful don't get too close and drool on your keyboard.
So then today I made Cream Cheese Pound Cake with strawberries. Supper yummy!
But is not complete with a bit of that delicious cream cheese icing!
Both turned out so good. I just wish that I had added more strawberries to the pound cake. I could have easily doubled the amount and had it all fit in the pan. I was worried that it would overflow tha pan while it was cooking but it thankfully did not.
I guess that I Will have to lay off the baking for a few days. At least till Al goes back to work so that I can send him with the bulk of it. Many mouths make light calories, right!?!

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