Where are the jobs in Florida?

Well, it's been awhile. And I feel like I need to say something.

First of all...

I still feel like, inside of my heart and my head, that this move is something that God wanted us to do. I can't explain the feeling really, I just know it's there. There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that all of us needed to get out of where we were stuck back home. But the biggest question for me has been... where to then?

And there are several reasons we chose Florida.

That being said...

Our being here has NOT gone without troubles and hitches. In fact, it has been so bad for me that I have seriously questioned my decision. And I was the most acceptable, of all of us, about the choice to come here.

But you know where that leaves me?

Ultimately, if I decide that Florida was the wrong place for us right now, then the things I thought I heard God saying to me were wrong. To some of you... BIG DEAL! Who cares. But to me... it matters! If the things I think I'm understanding are all a bunch of bad gas, then I've got a serious problem in what I believe.


The job factor is huge for me.

Thank goodness we are doing okay with money. I have my websites which bring in a few hundred, and Christy has her job which brings in more, plus we have left over savings.


What I'm having trouble understanding, is how some of the yokels here can be chosen, over me, for some of these jobs. If you spend any amount of time in some of these places, you'll see the service is WAY LESS than spectacular. I mean... Saturday Night Live's 'Teerget' skit -- on steroids! Sometimes... you can imagine a monkey showing more caring on their face than some of these folks. And maybe a sloth's pace is a bit fast for some of these employees. Literally!

But, for some reason, none of these employers are deciding I'm right for their jobs. HMMM?

I certainly haven't exhausted all of my possibilities -- I haven't applied at any of the restaurants around town yet. But, the jobs I've actually done, and I know what I'm doing, and I'm good at...

nobody is picking me up for those jobs yet.

To be honest... it sucks. And I'm not sure why. Three of the interviews I went on, I thought, went very good.

And then I had some crazy sickness over the last couple days.

It was almost like adding a slap right upside my face.

Never-the-less, I can't give up yet. I can't do it! I refuse to lose all that we've tried to accomplish here, over some morons who wouldn't know how caring and intelligence could help their business, even if it reached out and slapped 'em. (Man, I better chill out here, I'm getting a little angry)


Thank goodness, Fall is finally approaching. Today was a lowly - 90 degrees. But with a very low humidity, and a lovely breeze -- it was actually almost heavenly. The girls and I walked around the apartment complex after 8 tonight, just enjoying the wonder of cool night air -- believe me, almost no air in Florida, in the summer, is cool. Cool air is something I haven't experienced here since our first trips.

Also, we took a trip up to Crystal River a week ago, and did a bit of canoeing. It was also a slightly overcast, mid-80's temperature day, so it turned out to be spectacular for us.

I'm sure Christy will add more, but I wanted to put up this wonderful shot of me... doing what I do best... looking all freaky.



Random stuff from our life...

So here are a few photos form our life here in Florida.
First up the girls doing school at the dining table!
Pool photos. We go swimming everyday. And the girls are turning into fish.

This is one of the alagators that live in the water here at our apartment. We have seen many in here and the girls have given them names. I think that this one is Crock-a-nator.It is hard to tell from the photo but this is a big one! he is longer than I am tall. And we walk by them every day to go to the pool! Crazy!!

This is a fountian in the water where some of the Alagators live. The sky does not look to good here because it is getting ready to storm. That happens nearly every afternoon here. Unfortunatly it does not cool down with the thunder storms. It just gets steamy and nasty.

Here are a few flowers around our place.

And this is one of the many nasty little guys that like to run around and freak me out. Thankfully we have not had any in our house. But there is one that we squished in our door frame that was trying to get in. YUCK!

And this is a funky band and dancer from the Lakeland Farmers Curb Market. They have nothing on Hillsboro Farmers market. Unfortunatly it was very small and nothing much worth going for, I am hoping that it will get better but we will have to see.

So that is all for now. Nothing much new going on. Just still trying to figure out our time here.