Are You the Worst Photographer in the World?

I know a few people ...

Yes, you know who you are ...

Who could probably get a lot better results with their pictures from this great contest. Don't worry, if you're wondering if you've already been nominated ... probably! By me.

But that's okay, you need it.
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World's Worst Photographers Wanted

Photography instructor offers $1,000 Grand Prize Photography Learning Package consisting of two private classes, five One on One photo walking tours, and more, to "winners" of World's Worst Photographer contest.

"Do you call your husband 'Henry VIII' because he cuts the heads off of everyone in his pictures? Does your girlfriend insist on taking pictures with telephone poles sprouting from her subjects' ears? If this is a common occurrence in the photographs of someone you know, then surely you're obligated to nominate him or her for my World's Worst Photographer contest,"

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