High-Tech Bicycle of the Future

While I think the ideas behind this bike are pretty cool. It seems like it's still a long shot to getting everything shown here put together into a complete biking package.

However, it looks pretty cool. I have to admit.
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Theft-proof & Puncture-free Bicycle
chris boardman theft proof puncture free bicycle Chris Boardmans Theft proof & Puncture free Bicycle

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman shows off his unique bike design which he not only says will be common in 20 years but is also theft-proof and features puncture-free tires. The futuristic-looking creation boasts a complete carbon fiber body with a built-in locking anti-theft mechanism which can only be activated by the touch of the bike owner’s fingerprints. Addition features include a calorie monitoring system, battery-powered assistance, and aforementioned puncture-free tires that have the ability to self-inflate.

“It could be built now if there was a will. All the technologies are already there, it’s just that nobody’s put them all together before.”

they forgot to tell you that it scans your ass so all you have to do is clench your butt cheeks together when you want to break. fart to turn 90 degrees.

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Keeley said...

it is times like these that I wonder why you like bikes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.