And I thought Portland was a Biking town ...

But this ... this is clearly what I would call a bicyclers Capitol.

I've never been to Amsterdam, although I've met several people from there, and even a missionary who went there to try and help the younger generation connect with their spiritual lives.

But, I have ALWAYS been impressed with the biking culture they have there. This post, and these pictures goes a long way in describing it.

Mostly, I just loved the pics, and thought you might like to see what a LOT of bikes looks like.
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Is The Bike City An Alternate Universe, Or A Glimpse Of Your Urban Future?

In fact Amsterdam is truly a bicycle city, with every road containing bike lines – and even some with traffic lights aimed only at bicycle riders. Amsterdam has become a bike city for a couple of reasons: First, it's almost entirely flat; and second, many of the brick-paved roads and bridges are so narrow that they seem uniquely suited to bike and scooter traffic (though cars still zoom down most of them too).

Amsterdam bike riders do not fetishize their rides. Bikes are cheap, heavy, and practical, with wide, comfortable seats. Chains are surrounded by metal guards so that you can ride in pants or skirts, and you'll often see people riding one-handed, cigarettes or umbrellas held in their free hands. There are no fixies here, and no ultra-expensive made-to-orders. People hack their bikes together, adding saddlebags to the back or baby chairs and carts to the front.

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