Lakeland Mountain / Road Bike Race Tomorrow

You know I love biking. And I heard about this race over a month ago. Finally, this morning I remembered to look up the information on the race. Thankfully I didn't miss it ... but it's happening tomorrow.

I won't be racing, but I think I'll try and stop by the race to check out what it's like, maybe snag some video and pictures.

Anyhow, that's cool.

What's even cooler than that news is this sponsor for the event. Rather than explain it - I'll just show you the logo.

Pretty cool, right?

2009 Trail to Trail Race – Lakeland, FL

This event is a one-of-a-kind race that brings Mountain Bikers and Road Racers together for some great fun and competition. There will be team (up to 3 people per team) and solo categories. The race starts with a 35-45 minute off-road Mountain Bike race, with racers competing on a single-track. After completion of the off-road course they will then do a 30-35 mile road course that will bring them back to the park where they must complete another lap on the mountain bike course.

Event Info:
August 30, 2009
Loyce Harpe Park
500 West Carter Road
Lakeland, FL
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Solo Classes: Solo Men, Solo Women, All Mountain Bike Solo, Clydesdale (200 lbs+)
Team Classes: Fun Men’s, Serious Men’s, All Women’s and Co-Ed (minimum of 3 teams required)

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