Hi from Al - a thought...

Hi, this is Al - instead of Christy.

I just wanted to let everyone know that, unfortunately, you'll have to hear from me as well as Chris. Sorry about that!

Today, I wanted to write about a note I made the other night in my Bible study. I thought it was pretty cool. I think it'll be pretty cool for you too!

Exodus 34:10 - I will perform wonders that have never been done before ANYWHERE in all the earth or in any nation. The people around you will see the awesome power of the Lord.

God - please do this in my world, where I am, and also in the lives of everyone around me. Help us know that YOU aren't done doing miracles in this world. Cool!



Christmas fun!

So the other day we decorated our gingerbread houses. In the past I have bought a kit and I let the girls decorate it. But this year we decided to make them out of graham crackers instead. That way both of the girls got to decorate 3. I also decorated a couple of houses and mad a church. Al even helped out. We made a village out of all the houses and Kaitlyn decided that the church needed to go in the middle. Check them out!

I also have been working on some Christmas ornaments that we will be giving to our friends and family. I will have to take some photos of them and post them in a couple of days.
Hopefully you all are getting everything done that you wanted and having a good time doing it. I know we are!


New to this blog thing

Hello there,
This is Christy and I am so new to this blog posting thing so please give me a little grace.
Well I just found out about our family blog last week. So hopefully I will be able to update more often than Al.
It is December, already, and I am hoping that we will be able to get our Christmas tree this Saturday. And then we will be able to decorate! I love to decorate for Christmas! I love everything about Christmas. Picking out presents for everyone, baking and making new ornaments and goodies! SO much fun. I am still learning to have patience to have my girls help. I know that they love it, just as I do, but sometimes it is hard to wait and make sure they are included in the making of things too.
I want to share some family photos that we had done last month. We took a family vacation to California for our photo shoot with the wonderful Tara Whitney. Let me tell you this woman is so gifted in her photography! It is just awesome to have these photos of our family. Ther all turned out so beautifully! What a blessing she is!

These are my 2 favorites of the girls.

And I think this is my favorite family photo. But it sure is hard to pick just a few. They are all so great.

Any way, like I said I am still new to blogging, so hopefully the photos show up right.

More to come about our "family goings on" to come...


Welcome - from the Speer Family

Hi, this is Al.

Just wanted to say hi.

We will be giving updates about what it is we're doing, and where we're going on here.

Hope to see you around.

Talk soon,