Sick and Tired of the Energy Crisis


This is going to be a bit of a rant. However, instead of just complaining about the problem, I am actually doing something about it.

It was only about a year ago that I started writing about the rising costs of fuel. At the time, I was asking WHEN people would start feeling it enough to actually do something about it.

I thought we'd be getting to the point, now - at $4 per gallon - where people would really start doing something.

But I'm not seeing a whole lot happening. I guess the things that are happening right now are...
- driving less miles (getting more stops into one trip)
- Apparently no bigger vehicles are selling at lots - but I don't see any less on the roads.

What really seems to be the bigger issue - is safety. Although people don't want to pay the prices, they really don't want to drive around in smaller vehicles.

Yeah, well... then quit complaining about prices.

If you're gonna complain, do something.

As for me - I've started riding my bike again - in 90 degree, pathetically hot heat.

PLUS - we picked up a new vehicle recently, and we'll be doubling our mpg with it - once we get it licensed, and registered, and ready to drive.

The thing that really excites me, though, is what it is causing people to do here in America...

Things like...
- build electric cars
- start designing more fuel efficient vehicles
- relying less on gasoline

The part that has me excited, is that OPEC, and the Saudi's, are realizing this isn't good. It's kinda like looking into the future - and realizing you've got the energy source the world 'USED TO' need, so you were living happy and high on the hog. But then, all-of-the-sudden, your important position starts to drop. Why? Because you've screwed people over so often that they get sick of it, and go around you to get where they were wanting to go anyhow. And eventually you will have dropped your way right out of that spot.

I can't honestly say that we'll ever get there. But, it would sure be sweet to knock them right in their freaking pocket books. BAM!

Could the American people do it? Yes, they can. Will they? Probably not - we're just too short sighted to see how much impact we could really have on them. Imagine what they would do if people didn't buy gas for 7 days? Period! Nothing! They would hurt. No doubt about it.



Ahhhhh... Women to the Left and Right of me

You know...

This house was already packed with A LOT of women.

But now - We've added 3 more females to the whole, entire picture.

MAN! What in the world am I going to do with myself for the next 3 weeks.

Does this look like the face of a man who is easily amused?

Oh well - I guess I'll just have to get in touch with my, umm...,

un-feminine side.



Some of the SCARIEST Pictures You'll Ever See

Strange Headline... I know.

But, when you see what I'm talking about - I think you'll agree.

What you're about to see, are only pictures of an almost 9 year old driver.

Fast forward, in your mind, about 7 years or so...

And all the sudden it becomes clear why I had to title it this way.


Enough from me.

I think the pictures will do more talking than I ever could.

Here - we see the 'attitude' that has become so familiar...
'I know it all, and I can do it myself.'

And now, we see the joy and excitement which comes with the
freedom they so desperately hope for.

Oh, but now we see the change...
The contempt, the sly thoughts of deviousness on her face.

And here...
The look of utter joy, as her plans have paid off in carnage and whiplash for me.

All I can add is this...

In 7 years, when what I'm talking about comes to pass...





Somber Thoughts on Recreation...

We've had some pretty serious discussion here lately.

About what... You ask?

Well, it wasn't all that long ago that Christy and I had saved up enough money to buy the pop-up Coleman tent trailer. And our intentions were to own it, use it, abuse it, and drive over this country and back again - not just once - but as many times as we possibly could. AND to drag the girls (even kicking and screaming) with us each time.

You know...

When you have an itching to do something, and you just want to keep doing it again, and again, and again.

That's how we feel about being out in the countryside. After you see some of the gorgeous places that God has created across this country, you can' help but feel it. And we had finally achieved the method of getting out and doing it - pretty self-sufficiently too. So we were pretty happy to have the things we had.

And then...

Gas prices started going up. And they continued going up. And they've hit $4 per gallon.

And we're sitting here thinking...

Now - even if we wanted to go out on a camping or hiking trip with our trailer - we can't really afford it anymore. It's getting to the point, where you have to seriously consider not even going on short weekend trips - because gas prices are so bad.

So then the question moves to...

OK, since we're not really gonna be able to afford gas to drive to Mt. Rushmore, or Yosemite, or Death Valley, or the Florida Keys, or Moab, or Washington D.C., or Niagara Falls, or ___________ (you name the killer national park, or sweet camp site anywhere in the U.S.) anymore - do we, then, need to sell the trailer and get rid of it completely?

Basically - even to have that discussion - SUCKS, and is quite depressing! I can't believe we've already come this far, this fast. We haven't even been in Florida 1 year, and we've already come full tilt to this level of CRAPPY economy.

It's astonishing! Seriously! Who is running this country into the ground? It makes me sick to even think about the possibility of NOT being able to travel the U.S. again someday.

Maybe even scarier...? I'm not sure, but the thought of possibly NOT being able to afford moving out of Florida someday, scares me a little bit. After moving here, and living here awhile, that's a tad bit frightening.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share some thoughts of where our discussions have been wandering recently.

I don't think we're there yet...

But if things keep going the same direction, eventually you become faced with the inevitable possibility of these conclusions.

It's pretty sobering.



An afternoon of family fun!

So last weekend we needed to get out of the house for a bit. We, the girls and I, were starting to feel a little confined. With the weather getting warmer here we are able to get out on our bikes less and more time spent at home. So before I had to go to work in the evening we all headed out for mini golf! It was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time on their first golfing outing.

Kait even got a hole in one!
And this is the victory dance that she did after her hole in one. Goofy girl that she is!

And because someone was complaining that there are never any photos of Al or I posted on the blog here are the latest of us.
I know not all that exciting but it is the latest photos that I have, so there you have it. Anyway the final scores...I won, Kait was 2nd, Al 3rd and Kee was 4th. We were all surprisingly close. Even with the hot weather it was fun and we had a great time. The girls especially!
We have begun the count down till my Sister and her two youngest get here for a visit. Only 2 more weeks!! We are getting so excited we are about to burst at any moment. At least the girls and I are. Al is excited because he will not have to talk so much while they are here. For that I think he is very thankful!
Bye for now,


Little Winged Flyer

We grabbed these pictures a while ago, at the apartments.

I thought I'd share them, because this butterfly was so cool.

But, I must admit we were afraid to get too close, or to sneak up on it - because who knows what sort of lethal killing adaptations these things were created with.

You can see how large it is here - with Kait's hand beside it.

The heat definitely seems to help some of these animals down here grow quite well.

Mostly just wanted to share about some of God's creative details with you.