Schwinn's Electric Bike ... A Video Review for Sissies

I thought that title would get you attention.

You sissies!

Actually, I would have NEVER thought of using an electric bike - BUT now that I've been riding to work for a while, and I sweat a ton, I've thought about this idea to help me stay a little cooler in the scorching Florida weather.

Anyhow, you only get the slightest idea of what this type of setup can do for you from this video. However, you do get a great view of what the batteries are like in these types of bikes. So, that was something I hadn't really had a good look at before.

This is a very cool idea, and in another article I'll link to in a couple of days, you'll see that these electric bikes are the hottest sellers in the biking market right now.

Talk soon,

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