Fully-Auto Social Event Photographer

Here's another interesting automated camera concept. This device, and the camera, are able to automatically look around your social event and snap candid photos for you. So that YOU don't have to be stuck behind the camera, and miss all the interactions between your guests.

Very interesting idea. And it sounds like this camera will be on the market pretty soon.
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an innovative camera dock that pans 360 degrees and tilts 24 degrees, automatically detects faces, adjusts composition and takes photos for you.

The Party-shot camera accessory uses the camera's BIONZ™ image processor with its Face Detection and Smile Shutter™ features to take photos without the user needing to snap the shutter button. This device makes it easy to capture more natural expressions and fun, candid moments of you, your family and friends without having to hire a photographer.
the Party-shot camera accessory is mountable on nearly any tripod, so you can set it up in a convenient location in your home, especially when you are entertaining. With two AA batteries, the Party-shot camera accessory captures photos for up to 11 hours and is portable, so you can enjoy taking pictures outdoors. You can also use an AC adaptor (sold separately).
  • Automatic
    Snaps pictures at an event - automatically.
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