Pythons Running Wild in Florida

Here is one of Christy's absolute favorite creatures ... Not Really! However, this was so amazing I had to share it. In fact, although Christy can spend hours and hours in the blood, guts, and gore of other animals - she can't even stand the sight of snakes.

It's wierd - I know.

This is a pretty amazing tale right out of the rough and rugged Florida Swamplands. Also, notice the part about these snakes 'DON'T' have any natural predators here. And people thought the wild hogs were getting bad? These could be next.
Imported pythons
Joe Wasilewski holds a wild Burmese Python he recently subdued. Southern Florida has seen an increase in wild Pythons, a snake that is not native to the area

The largest python so far was captured on Thursday. It was a 207-pound male that measured more than 17-feet long and 26 inches in diameter; however, it was not captured by one of the permitted hunters. Instead, it was shot on the 20-acre compound of the Okeechobee Veterinary Hospital by one of the vets who was alerted to its presence by his nephew. It is illegal to shoot pythons in Florida wildlife management areas or federal lands, but the snakes can be legally shot on private property. The snakes are often abandoned by disgruntled pet owners when they become too large to handle and too expensive to feed. They can reproduce rapidly with female pythons laying up to 80 eggs at a time, and they have no natural predators in Florida.

It's not known how many pythons are slinking across South Florida, but state wildlife officials estimate at least tens of thousands.
nonnative Burmese python has no natural predator in Florida.
Staff of the Okeechobee Veterinary Hospital hold the python that was caught on the facility's property. July 30, 2009
Pythons running wild: a 2-year old girl in Florida was strangled to death by a 9 foot pet Burmese python

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