At Work with Kaitlyn

We had a take your child to work day - about a week ago or so. Chris and I were able to bring Kait and Keeley to work with us ... I got Kait ... and Chris got Keek.

Here were a couple of shots from our day. I really had to crack the whip to get Kait doing something.

It was so much fun. I would definitely do it again!

And my boss even sprung for us to share some pizza with the kids. Very classy!




According to the National Home Education Research Institute, more than two million American children are now being educated at home — more than double the number just three years ago.

Two million is just under 1% of the entire U.S. population. Not too bad.

Plus, most homeschoolers don't get any money to help pay for their childrens schooling ... HOWEVER they still have to pay taxes that support the public school system. I'm not sure exactly why I am paying taxes for a system that doesn't seem to be helping me or my family.

Oh well ... at least someone in America is making money off of me. Right? Thankfully our politics haven't been outsourced ... YET!


Wooden Animal Puzzles

A few days ago, the girls and I had some fun trying to piece together these cool little wooden, animal puzzles. I didn't really have to help too much. I just kinda sat around bugging them, and causing them to forget what they were doing.

That's my job ... of course.

Anyhow, it took them quite a while. Kelley about 30 minutes, and Kait about an hour to get them put together.

I grabbed a few pics of the process, and wanted to share them with you.



Kait's collection of funny pictures

While this is actually only a small portion of the pictures Kait has been taking, she wanted to share a few of the funny shots with you.

She actually does have some great shots too. We'll have to share those a little bit later with you.

We hope you like them.

Al for Kait