Some Advice on Biking to Work

These are some pretty good comments about commuters and biking to work.

I would agree with most of these. I would also hope you are able to have a shower at work once you get there. OR, at least give yourself about 15 minutes to sit and cool off before you start your shift.

And Christy has suggested have some alcohol wipes to clean your body. The alcohol acts as a coolant as it evaporates on your skin, and the wipes will help you clean up - in case you get a bit 'ripe' from the ride.

This article is definitely a good read.
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cyclists offer advice on how to bike to work
5 percent of Americans who ride their bicycles to work, according to the 2007 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Five safety rules:
1. Always wear a helmet.
2. Follow the rules of the road. Don't ignore traffic lights and stop signs.
3. Practice defensive riding. Be aware of vehicles around you at all times. Always assume that drivers do not see you and will not yield.
4. Make eye contact with drivers. Once you establish eye-to-eye contact, motorists will be more aware of you.
5. Make animated hand signals when turning. Big, broad gestures are hard to miss.

Austin: Be visible. Wear something reflective, especially during evenings.

rule of thumb: Time on a bike is about double the time in a car. For example, a 10-minute commute in a car is 20 minutes on a bike.

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