Glow in the Dark Bike

WOW - that was about all I could say when I saw the concept behind this bike. I would love to have something like this to ride around - JUST to make sure all the cars on the road can see me when it's dark out.

Great concept - and a great vision by the design team.
clipped from www.core77.com

Pulse, Teague's new concept for an urban bike, addresses all the necessities of a standard bike commute. Taking cues from both fixed gears and cafe-racers, Its features include electric turn signals controlled from the handlebars and a luminescent frame that lights up when you need it. We especially love the specialized caged bike pedals--they're counterweighted to always sit "the right way round," allowing the rider to benefit from their three-fold increase in efficiency without suffering from having to clip into upside down pedals at every stoplight.


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