Some Brighter Bike Ideas ... Good Safety Tips?

Here were a couple of bike reflector and light ideas I thought were pretty unique.

#1 Have you ever used this reflective type of tape on your bike? Does it work for you? Do you think it helps being seen when you're on the road?

#2 How about this throw back from the 90's - neon lights on your bike. I remember my boy Jason, hooking up this idea. This was SO COOL back in the day. How exciting to think about adding this onto our bikes today. That would be neat. To have a bike that was cooler than the cars on the road ... priceless. Or even to look like you have light-sabers attached to you bike.
Awesome DIY Bike Lighting Projects

The Bright Bike project involves wrapping your bike with 3M's Scotchlite Plus Reflective 680 Series Engineering Grade Vinyl (which can be found at sign supply distributors).

By day, your bike appears to be a solid black color...but when hit by light (like headlights or a camera flash), the bike shines a bright, high-reflective ultra white.

Cool Cathode Fluorescent Lighting For MAJOR Cool Points
one of my favorite and reminds me of my VERY brief gangsta rap phase from the late 90's when everyone was rockin' neon glow from under their chassis and thumpin' them subs while cruisin' the strip.

This project is DEFINITELY going to be turning some heads when you cruise down the moonlit streets...which is a good thing, since you want people to take notice of you on a bike.

As with many electrical DIY projects, some basic soldering skills will be required, but after a couple of practice tries, you'll have that down pat.


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Jason V said...

I've looked at some of these. The only really hard part is getting a good battery pack with simple charger. How to efficiently charge batteries while riding? Solar?

I heard about a guy that was wiring up a vest with lights on the back, and they would flash like turn signals, etc.