A Couple of Travel Photo Tips to Keep in Mind

When you travel, you always want to have your camera handy ... ready for the next good shot. You don't want to miss one single valuable image while on your trip, if you can help it.

So, here's a couple of good tips to keep in mind when snagging photos while you're traveling to new and exotic locations.

Lessons Learned: Photography Mistakes I Won’t Commit Again

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Backup your pictures every day
While living in London in 2005, my camera, including my nearly full 512mb memory card, got stolen during a burglary. I hadn’t even bothered to copy the pictures to my laptop, and now I’ll never know how all my photos from London, Paris and Lyon would turn out.
Photograph people rather than places

Taking photos of people make your photographs more alive. I realized this after my last trip to London when looking through my pictures. I’d mostly photographed buildings and empty cafes, restaurants and hotels. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Where is everyone?”

Make your camera look ugly
to prevent it from getting stolen.
all digital cameras are worth money, but none of the film cameras are unless it’s an SLR.

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Jason V said...

The pictures with family in them are the ones that you keep forever.