What's there to write about?

I've always liked to write. And there have even been times, when people told me I write pretty well.

Now ... I'm no Grisham. There's only one.

But, I'm trying to develop my writing skills.

In fact, I've actually written stuff on the internet that's brought in thousands of dollars.

And yet ... I am still having a heck of a time honing my writing chops into solid, attention-grabbing content.

However ... like anything worth doing ... if you really WANT to do it, then it's worth doing right. Right?

So, I continue to methodically plod along, almost like pedaling my bike across town ... one stroke after another ... and eventually I plan to arrive at some higher level of creative expression.

Until I get there, though ... thanks for sticking with me.

Here's some of my favorite online writers and inspirations:

Matthew Furey
What's crazy ... is this guy lives about 20 minutes away from me. I'm planning on meeting him someday - when my writing gets good.

Joe Vitale
Hypnotic Writing ... I love it!

Associated Content
Some good general writing tips.

Adventurous Writer
More writing tips to spark your creativity.

Any other ideas?

Let me know!


Jason V said...

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Our Blogs said...

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But ... you didn't hear any of this from me. Okay?

You'll get 60 pages of results, so be prepared to wade through the junk too.

PLUS - there's no telling how long these sites will keep these pages active, so do this now - if you want it.

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