Money and Me

I'm no money mogul ... although Christy and I have had fairly good success at staying above the waterline over the years.

So ... I guess, in some ways, we consider ourselves ... experts! Ha Ha

Anyhow ...

I did read a cool book not all that long ago. And we've been implementing it for the last few months.

It's called ...

The Storehouse Principle
By Al Jande and Van Crouch

It's a pretty good book. It's a quick read, and definitely worth taking a look at ... in my honest opinion. You can pick it up at

Basically - if you boil it down to it's essentials, it says this:

Much like ants live (as the Bible points out) ... storing up little bits of food and provisions throughout the good times ... so that they 'have' savings in the future when needed.

In the same way ... we need to set aside a small portion ... everytime, all the time ... of all that we make, so that we are also prepared for the future.

Mostly, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about what I've read recently. And put a tickle in your ear to check it out as well.


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Jason V said...

are you guys stockpiling food also???