Cuttin' the Cheese

I was cutting the cheese tonight ... which is something I enjoy quite often. It just happens to be one of my favorite things to do when I need to pass some - uh - time.

Anyhow ...

As I was cutting some cheese, it dawned on me that I was using one of our new knives. A knife we'd received as a gift from our guests - the Jones Girls.

And I realized we had never properly thanked them for such a nice, highly utilized gift. I remember at the time, Christy's sister had given the knife set specifically to Christy when they were here.

And so - I wanted to honor them with a big thanks. We use these things almost every day - so thank you!

Oh ... Wait a minute ...

There's some kind of inscription on the side of the block. Hang on - let me read it.

It says ...

"Perfectly Balanced and precision crafted for the female knife throwing artisan."


Now, why would Carla get a gift like that for Christy?


And why does Carla keep inviting Christy to come visit for AS LONG AS SHE WANTS?

Hey Carla ... what exactly were the knives for - 'cause I'm not sure you ever actually mentioned that to me?

And that makes me wonder why Christy is always in the kitchen sharpening them?

Okay ... Okay ... Just a bad joke! But I had fun telling it anyhow.

P.S. On another great note ... Christy's folks rolled into town last night. And what's the first gift they bring for me?

You guessed it ...

Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

YAAAAYYY! I love it!
Looks like it's time to cut the cheese.


Jason V said...

The cheese choices these days: Tillamook or Bandon, Tillamook or Bandon, Tillamook or Bandon... Choices...

Carla said...

Oh my! You got me actually laughing outloud on that one! Not all sister's in law have such devious intentions! I'm really glad that you (and Christy) are enjoying them. It was the least we could do for allowing us to impose on you for 3 weeks!

Carla said...

And by the way, please take note that I avoided the temptation to remark on the whole "cutting the cheese" comment!