Busch Gardens - Tampa, Florida PLUS Photo a day #16

Well ... Chris' folks were leaving soon, so we saw them off with quite a bang.

We went to Busch Gardens, in Tampa, Florida with them. While there is a LOT to say about this park - there's really only one thing I want to say at this point ...


This is a SWEET ride. Here ... take a look:

This is the first - AND the biggest drop. The ride is 200 feet high, and it's a 90 degree drop.

Let me tell you ... just when you think ... this can't go on much longer, well it seems to just keep going.

It was absolutely scary! And thrilling - all wrapped up into one emotional ride.

OUTSTANDING - is one of the few words that can describe it.

Better yet ... Kaitlyn did this ride with us. See below - for proof!

Plus - the ride isn't even over after that ... there's another sweet drop-off at the end and an awesome water spray zone.

The videos were pulled from our camera phone. I LOVE that feature ... by the way.


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Jason V said...

Sweet dude, past the pic on Facebook so we can tag you and C.