Photo a day #12

Well we've been slacking quiet a bit here ... although if anyone says I haven't been doing my part to spend money, and trying to jump start the economy, then I'm going to straight up 'pimp slap' 'em.

'Cause we're leaking it like it's going out of style - and that's especially with the holidays coming.

However ... that's not why I'm writing.

I wanted to add a couple more pics, even though these may not be properly timed by days. I figure you'd rather look at something ... over NOTHING.

Am I right?

Anyhow, here's a shot from our trip to the beach last Sunday.

I thought these little 2 seat scooters were totally cool!


1 comment:

Jason V said...

Sweet. I'll take an electric one for the little lady and I. I like the idea of a 2 seater. :)