Toll Road Park

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this park. Although I'll try and get some next time we go.

Do you remember ... I told you we were out running around on Sunday afternoon. Well, the sun went down at about 5:30'ish. And the reason we had been driving all over St. Pete was because I had heard of an 'amazingly' tall bridge in town that was SO TALL that it would scare the snot out of you.

So ... part of our adventure was spent finding that bridge. It wasn't until the end of the day we finally found it.

It's simple (of course) - but I didn't know that until we actually found it.

Basically, you take I-275 through St. Pete (southbound). As you head down - you are forced to take a toll road across the bay. It is THIS toll road that IS the bridge.

Anyhow ...

It turns out that the bridge isn't the best part.

On either side of the bridge are little parks. And you can get off of the road and stop at the parks after you pay your toll, and as you're driving across this 5 mile long bridge.

So we stopped at the park on the north side of the bridge - and caught an amazing sunset. We also discovered that it was a GREAT place for the girls to explore while we relaxed. Maybe a good place for a picnic too. And it also appears to be a GREAT place to launch a canoe or kayak from.

We'll let you know sometime.

Anyhow - I just wanted to shoot out another quick update.

Talk soon.


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