Another Video - This time we're Canvas Painting

WOW! ... You've got to be kidding me.

Do you see what happens when I actually get free time to do stuff ... STUFF happens.

Here we go with another video. This one showcasing some more of the wondrous talents of the SpeerClan. This time ... we're painting canvases.

Still free of charge, although if you want to see more interesting, and lively stuff you need to go ahead and buy some of my products so I can take off more time from work, and spend time creating.

Sound good?

Hello? ...

Anyone there? ...

Anyhow - here's the video:

Here is a photo of the canvas that Chris did since it did not show well in the video.

Al and the Speer Girls


Jason V said...

Very cool project!
I was especially impressed by Merle's ability. How did you get the words to look as perfect as you did? I couldn't see Christi's very well. :(

Anyways, what do you do with the canvas squares? make a big mosaic or something???

Our Blogs said...

This is Chris,
I posted a photo of the canvases that I did under the video. I am thinking after we do a few more that I would like to frame them together and hang them in our "art" room. I am still not sure if I will mix them all together on a couple of large frames or in 4 individual frames with each of our pieces in them.
I also have plans to make a bigger one for our bedroom and make a stretch type frame for the back of it. Like the kind of canvases that you would get at a craft store but much cheaper because I will make it myself. This is still in the mulling it over in my head and plotting it out stages of being. So when I get this worked out I will post more.