Photo a day #10

The short story about the knives also reminded me of another gift the Jones' brought with them from Africa.

This one was for me - and it's absolutely one of my favorites!

An Ostrich Egg ... makes the little chicken eggs I always promote look like little shrimps. This egg reminds me of holding a football.

Here ... go long.


Here's how much I love chickens:


Carla said...

My goodness! You have a HUGE thumb! I know that egg was bigger than that photo looks! :) By the way! I ate one of those puppies not so long ago - it fed 7 people!

Our Blogs said...

WOW - thank you so MUCH for the thumb comment!

I totally appreciate it! It makes me feel validated in so many ways.

Cool - that it fed so many people. Now that's a REAL egg!

Catch ya soon!