Photo a day #14

This is another shot from the cell phone.

I am so thrilled by this little tool that I had to throw in another shot.

This one's even more incredible considering the fact that it's a VERY SPECIAL car.
It's a Lambourghini. It may be hard to tell from the picture, but let me guarantee you that's what it was.

I have maybe seen one or two of these cars driving on the road my entire life.

It was pretty sweet!

This is about as close up as I can make the picture. Sorry!



Jason V said...

It's fun to see the nice cars. I parked by a Ferrari on Wed, the one like Magnum PI drove. Last week I got behind a Delorean in the parking lot at work. There's a guy there that drives one. Pretty sweet. :)

Jason V said...

PS, when you get enough wealth to buy one of these with spare change, I'd love to go for a ride! ;)