Photo a day #11

As I mentioned in the last picture ... Chris' folks have entered the building.

We picked them up today, and headed over to Clearwater once again. Which means ... Chipotle here we come!

Anyhow ...

It was super windy today, and the sand was wet and hard down by the waterline. But as we were walking back up the beach, I liked the look and feel of the groomed sand. (Yes - they groom sand here, like they groom the snow up on Mt. Hood in Oregon.)

So we took a neat little family photo. Here's all 4 of us. Chris on the right, then me, Kait and Keeley as you move to the left.

Just kidding!

But it sures seems like the girls are getting big. Their feet are almost the same size as Christy's.

Even though it was windy and nippy on the beach - the water was still nice and warm. It was calling me to dive in.


Jason V said...

Hey BigFoot, how come your impression is deeper than the others?

Jason V said...

4 footprints, and we're expecting 4 pictures now. Coincidence?