Utah, Here we come!!

WARNING! ... Some pretty biased comments are posted below - please don't read if you are easily offended.

I was shocked to see these idiotic comments coming out, after California voted to add Marriage between a man and woman to their Consitution.

This uber-powerful blogger is stepping up to boycott the Mormons (and Utah) because they stood up for something he didn't agree with.

Aravosis is not calling for a boycott of California, though that state's voters actually approved the ban.

" ... We need to send a message to Utah that they need to stop trying to inflict their way of life on every other state."

UMMM ... Hello ... And what is it that you are trying to inflict on us?

Your unbiased belief in how absolutely right and correct and perfect you are in all of your thoughts, opinions, and ideas?

Oh ... thank goodness you came along to enlighten us, oh great one, otherwise how would we all get along? The 'New' messiah has arrived - just in time.

And how about this comment ...

"They just took marriage away from 20,000 couples and made their children bastards," he said. "You don't do that and get away with it."

Um - Although science CAN make a 'man' have a baby (as we almost witnessed in Oregon this last year - HA!), I don't think 2 'real' men (or women) are going to be naturally having babies anytime soon. Oh, I almost forgot ... that 'man', was actually a WOMAN ... BUT they try NOT to mention that in any of their 'news' stories.


Good question?

Anyhow ...

We are NOT Mormon - just to clarify.

I think it's fine if they decide to boycott Utah. It's one of the most gorgeous states in America.

Utah has 5 of America's national parks, making it the reigning champion. The parks include: Zion National Park (my ABSOLUTE FAVE), Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park.

Here's a post we did when we came through Utah, with a few pictures of the parks thrown in for good measure. This way ... everyone who decides to boycott will know what they're missing. And here's a bit more info about Utah if you're interested in seeing how amazing it really is.

This way - maybe property values will drop through the floor there - and then anyone who disagrees with the P.C. movement can move there. Oh, but wait ... NO ONE disagrees with the P.C. movement and lives. I forgot ... sorry about that.

You can read more about the idiocy here:
Mormon boycott because they don't agree with you!



Jason V said...

Well, your post sounds funny. You are not boycotting Mormons it sounds like but you quoted your blogger source as if it was you speaking.

It's amazing how its' so "uncool" to be conservative these days. Even the JUDGES are saying that being of traditional values is wrong (as in the homeschooling judge fiasco) which has forced the voters into this step.
"It's wrong to keep your children away from mass media and the influences of the public school system". Yikes!
We are out to revolt against their indoctrination! But the savior is in power now, and he will do his best to "fix us" at a national level.

Jason V said...

PS: I was thinking of Alaska myself, but Utah is nice also.

Carla said...

Great post Al! It just floors me how those who blame "conservative Christians" for being biased and closed minded are themselves practicing just that.