A Bunch of Epcot Fairies

I totally forgot to add this last little bit of excitement from Disney's Epcot.  This was, by FAR, the girls' favorite stop in all of Epcot.  They have grown quite fond of fairies, goblins, mer-folk, and other fantasy creatures.

It's really cool.

Anyhow, we wanted to share what we saw of Disney's idea of the fairy world.  They paired the Fairy theme with the butterfly exhibit, which I think was absolutely brilliant.  If you go ... you should definitely check it out.

You can see a wide variety of different fairies and fairy homes.  And yep ... that last one is Stinkerbell ... err ... Tinkerbell.

And one of the most inspired ideas of the entire Fairy world was a series of fairy signature boards.  Each fairy had their own signature, with their own board.  Disney gave the kids a sheet of coloring paper.  The kids were able to walk to each board and get a 'crayon / pencil rubbing' of each fairy's signature.  At the end of the exhibit, they had signatures from all the fairies in a different spot on their coloring sheet.  Then they could take it home and color each fairy however they wanted, and have the signature right by the fairy.

This is an absolutely KILLER idea.  And I think all U.S. national parks should add this to their junior ranger badge programs.


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