The Sun has Come

We have had several months of lovely, cool weather. It has actually felt cooler for me this Winter, more so than any year since we've been here. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, the sun made a solid comeback this month. On April 2nd, the A/C came on a couple times that day. And it's been running daily ever since. The scariest thing is that we set our air conditioner at 78 degrees to help conserve on energy costs. At 78 degrees I'm still on the verge of sweating. Even a little bit of exertion makes it hot.

I was hoping for a May start up for this type of weather. But, it looks like we're going to have 6 solid months of hot, humid, summer weather.


And today, we did a nice, long bike ride ... and several of us ended up with too much sun. Yep - even Floridians get sunburns. We got out the bottle of aloe, for the first time - but probably not the last time this year.


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