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Hey there again,

After our last post ... about Swagbucks ... I had a few friends asking me more questions about it.  So, I thought I would try and add a few more ideas to help you get the most out of your new account.  These are the things I try to use all the time to help get more bucks and to use my time better.

Swagbucks Toolbar for Your Internet Browser :
To actually get Swagbucks in your account, you need to use the Swagbucks site search engine. There are 2 ways you can use their search.
  1. You can either go the the web site each time.
  2. Or you can download the tool bar from the site.

The Toolbar has a couple of features that make it really useful.
  • Fast access for logging into your account. 
  • You get message updates and Swag Codes from The Swag Guy.
  • Easy access to the search engine.
  • It shows you how many bucks you currently have.
  • The toolbar is nice and small, so it doesn't take up your whole web browser.
I have installed, and been using the toolbar for a while now, because it's easier for me to remember to use Swagbucks to search. When I first got my account, I almost never remembered to use Swagbucks to search.  And now ... I use it almost everytime I have something to look up.  Also remember, the bucks are awarded randomly when you search. It does not have to be any specific site or topic that you are searching for ... it can be anything.

My Swagbucks Strategy:
Here's what I typically do ... in the mornings I will use it to search for yahoo mail, so that I can check my e-mails. Then I have a handful of blogs that I search for. Of course, I go to the blogs and read them if they have any new posts added.  Instead if going directly to the sites, I will use the swagbucks tool bar to search it. In the hopes that I will get some bucks. It usually takes anywhere from 3-5 searches in the morning before I get any bucks.  I also try the same thing at night after the girls head off to bed. 

Mega Swagbuck Fridays:
 Friday is called 'Mega Swagbuck Days'.  Your chances of getting higher valued bucks ... 20, 50, 100, and up ... are increased on Fridays.  In my honest experience ... it's all been about the same.  I did have one Friday, about 3 weeks ago, where I actually got a pretty high buck value when I won for my search term.  I don't really expect a whole lot of higher amounts on Fridays ... personally.

Swag Codes:
Here is another way that I am able to get a LOT of bucks.  At different (completely random) times ... the people at Swagbucks will put Swag Codes on the internet somewhere.  You never can know where they will be.  You can check your toolbar for messages.  You can check the Swagbucks blog and twitter accounts.  And the Swagbucks facebook page might have the code.

Sometimes these places will have the entire code posted.  Other times, you will find only clues to help you hunt down the actual code.  When you find the Swag Code, you enter it into the Swag Code box on your Swagbucks home page, and then hit the 'Gimme' button  (see picture above).

Email Newsletter:
It's important to sign up for the email newsletter which comes out twice per month.

Usually there is a Swag Code inside. 

To sign up ... head to the Swagbucks home page.  Scroll down the left menu bar, towards the bottom, and you'll see the 'Newsletter' link.    Click that link, verify your email address, and then click join. 

Swagbucks Facebook Page:

Additionally, there is a Swagbucks page on facebook. There is a ton of good info that you can glean from there. One SUPER important point about being a fan on the Swagbucks facebook page ... when there is a code out, you will find helpful tips on how to find it there.

If I have confused you with any of these points, just let me know, and I will try to clarify.

So glad you decided to give it a try.
It is SOOOOO addictive to watch your bucks add up, and to collect the gift cards.
Good luck!

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Honest Swagbucks Strategies said...

Swagbucks is the best search and win website I've seen. Regarding Mega Swagbucks Fridays, have you ever won anything big? I've only won up to 12 sb's. But I also get that on non-Fridays. So I haven't heard of anyone who has won big.

BTW, I also started a blog about my Swagbucks journey. Check it out and let me know what you think.