50 Great Reasons to Join Swagbucks Today

We talked to you a few weeks ago about a great new service we've been using for a while ... called Swagbucks.  It's a site that rewards you for using their website.

However, there's one great reason to join Swagbucks now:
From now until Noon, May 7th (PST) you will get 50 Swagbucks for signing up for your FREE account. 
Join Swagbucks HERE, and then enter this code - SWAGNATION5
for your 50 Swagbucks to start off your account.
In addition to the free bucks for joining ... Swagbucks are calling this the 'Week of Wins'.  All week, your chances of multiple wins in a day have increased dramatically.  Today, I have already won 4 times, for a total of 57 Swagbucks.  PLUS there are several other ways to earn bucks on their site ... giving you plenty of opportunity to build up Swagbucks quickly.  So join here to start building up your bucks!

Our Swagbucks account has allowed us to redeem $110 worth of Amazon gift cards.   This is one of the easiest and simplest ways I know of to earn extra spending money online ... for doing stuff that I would already do. 

Your Swagbucks account is FREE. 


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