Money Making at Publix!!

So now that Publix is back to a new sale every week and I was so excited to see the new sales. I looked at the add and there really was nothing there that was all that good to me. Lots of things on sale that we do not eat or use. But then I got to looking a bit more and came up with a plan. And I was Doubly blessed by having it come out to a money making trip!
I got mostly cleaning supplies with a couple other deals thrown in for fun!
Here is the photo then I will tell you how I turned it in to more money...
4- Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom Power Sprayers-- FREE!
4- Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer refills-- FREE!
6- Scrubbing bubbles tub cleaners-- FREE with $2.00 Overage
2- Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2in1 Kits-- FREE!
2- Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Gels
4- Bottles Dentyne Gum. .14 each
2- Kraft 1lb shredded Cheese. $1.74 each

Total before sales and coupons $137.34. Total after sales and coupons $13.05.  I finished up the Gift card that I won so my out of pocket was only $7.56.
So I bet you are wondering how I made money on this. Well Here is what I did. This last Sunday in the coupon inserts there was a Target store coupon for a free $5.00 gift card with any 3 Scrubbing bubbles purchase. So I cut them out and when I went to do my shopping I stopped by the customer service desk and asked if they would take that coupon and instead of a Target gift card a Publix gift card would be given. The nice man behind the counter said I don't know why not. So I had 4 of those coupons and so I was given a Publix gift card for $20.00! Making this trip a $6.95 cent money maker! But if you take in to account that I only spent $7.56 out of pocket it is an even better money maker of $12.44!
I used Manufactures coupons that made the power sprayer refills free, and the Fresh Brush Kits Free. Then for everything els I combined Manufactures and store coupons to make them either free, free with overage or close to free.
So now I am stocked up on cleaning supplies!


Bethany said...

Awesome job! I would never have thought to ask about 'exchanging' the gift cards! :) You could also submit for the S&C Johnson $5 rebate for every three items and make even more money!

Regina said...

You did so good! And just like Bethany said - Make sure to do the SC Johnson rebate to earn $5 for every 3 Scrubbing Bubbles products. Here's a link to my Publix trip this week and there you'll find a link to download the rebate. Keep up the good work!

Meagan said...

What a GREAT savings trip! Thanks for linking up! =)