Lots of Good Stuff from Publix

 So I have not posted because I was a bit dissapointed with the sales at Publix. Because of Easter they have a wonky sale schedule. Instead of keeping the once a week sales change they do it every week and a half or so. It really makes for a long time. Or at least I think so. Add to that that I have miss placed my receipt from the second transaction, and I am a bit bummed that I can not give exact totals.  But then when I really got to thinking about it I still did really well. So finally here you go.
I did my purchases in 2 different transactions for 2 reasons. 1, I had 2 $10.00 off $50.00 dollar coupons and 2, because they had a special where if you buy $25.00 worth of groceries you can get a $50.00 gas card for $40.00. So since it is hard to save on gas I decided to get 2 gift cards and save that way!

Here is purchase #1...

8- Coffee Mate creamers- FREE with Overage!
2- 7UP 2 Liters-- FREE with overage
2- Pepsi 2 Liters-- FREE
4- Progresso soups--??
2- Betty Crocker Brownie mixes-- .30 each
6- Yoplait fiber one yougurt packs-- .25 each
2- Bags Doritos-- $1.50 each
4- Nabisco Flipside crackers-- $1.00 each
4- Quaker True Delights Granola squares -- .55 each
2- Emerald Cashews-- $1.14 each
Total Before sales and coupons $88.43, After $10.24. A savings of 90%. Paid for with the gift card that I won, so nothing out of pocket!!

Here is the second purchase...

 6- Coffee Mate creamers-- FREE with overage
2- Betty Crocker Brownie mixes. .30 each
2- Soft scrub cleaners-- Free with overage
1- Bayer asprin-- FREE with overage
12- cans Progresso black beans .43 each
2- Emerald Cashews-- $1.14 each
4- Stoufers family lasagna $1.49 each
2lb apples--??
I think that I paid about the same amount for this purchase as the first. And I got another gas card. Nothing out of pocket for me!!!
Unfortunatly I only have a little over $5.00 left on the card. Boy have I sure made the most of it!
And to top it off I was able to pay only $80.00 for $100.00 worth of gas cards. That money came out of our gas budget for the month, not the publix gift card.  It is a nice bonus to be able to save on something like gas that is what it is and you just have to pay. With this deal it was like getting a free fill up!!

Thankfully Publix is back to their regular schedule for the sales!! Makes me happy to go shopping again!
Also to let you know I am going to be doing a post soon about savings in other stores soon. I have had a few people ask me how to save this much on their groceries when they do not have a Publix to shop at. So I am working on that because I know that you can save just as much, if not more, than I can at the stores you have locally! So be watching for that!

Thanks for sharing in my deals!

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