Disney's Epcot in Orlando

Not too long ago, we were able to take part in Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day volunteer program.  We volunteered a day picking up garbage at a park in Bartow, FL.  And we were rewarded with a free day at a Disney park.

For our day at Disney, we decided to head over to Epcot in Orlando - since that is the only Disney park we hadn't been to yet.

It was a pretty cool park.  We got there about 9:20 in the morning - about 20 minutes after it opened.  And we left about 9:30 at night.  We were able to hit every major ride.  The biggest ones we got to ride a couple of times.

By the way - if you go - stop by Soarin right away and get a fast pass.  When I say right away, I mean as early in the morning as you can get there.  This ride has lines ALL DAY LONG, and the fast passes are gone by early morning.  So, get this pass first, so you can come back and not have the more than hour long wait.   We waited until 7:30 to get on this ride, and we were able to do a second quick trip through before the park closed. 
Here were a few of our highlights:

Here are the girls at the start of the day.

Test Track Car Ride - crash test dummy style ride.

The Fish area - this part was actually really good.  They had several large aquariums with live animals ... including a dolphin, a shark, rays, turtles, and tons of other fish.  We had no idea this was here, but I think Kait could have stayed in this building ALL DAY LONG.

Garden of the Future ... at 'The Land' ride.  This was another ride that was surprisingly neat.  They have greenhouses and gardens of the future, growing right now - in 2010.  This was VERY cool.  You can even do a 'behind the scenes' tour, but of course it costs lots of extra $$$ ... so we didn't do that part.  I can see that it would be a neat tour to take though.

Velcro Game show - this was a separate little comedy show.  The women running the show decided to torture a couple of men in the audience ... which meant I had to go up and compete.  Who knew I was such a mad diaper changing master.

Segway ride

Coke flavors from around the World - this was another cool stop in the park.  Coke sponsors this store, where you can taste the different flavors of their soda from other countries around the world.  And the samples are free.  This was a strange experience, tasting what other country's think are nice flavors.  WARNING - Watch out for Italy - their favorite flavor is something you won't want to repeat.

There was one more EXTRA SPECIAL part of the park.  But we'll save that to share with you later.  The girls loved this place, and we wanted to show you how cool it really was.  I'll just say this ... it has fairies, flowers, and butterflies all mixed in one place.  Oh My!


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