New Bike for My Girl

So, Kait has been getting older. I know ... right?

She has gotten to the point that her BMX bike is no longer sufficient for her long legs. This coincided with a magical bump in out income ... a tax return. With the stars and planets align like that, we try to put it all to its maximum potential, so we picked up a new bike for Kait.

Truth be told, I wanted to go for something even nicer than this. Something that could last her until she is able to afford her own out in the real world ... where I'm sure she'll want to take her own bike tours and such.

This one turned out to be a decent buy, at a fair price. And my Dad might think highly of this one, since he started off with a similar brand, back in his early days on the bike.  So we took the plunge.  So far, she LOVES the color.  And for a girl ... that's pretty important.

Then we also decided to do a nice, long trip to test out the new bike.  So we did a 28 mile bike ride yesterday - which I mentioned last night.  Here's the odometer proof.  I've got the odometer as a gift, and we were so excited to use it to see how far we rode.

After the trip we were all tired and WIPED out.  It was a great ride though.  And Kait did awesome on her bike. 
Here's a few other shots from the trip.

Catch you soon!

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Al and Christy Speer said...

By the way ... check out those socks Keeley is wearing.

Chris loves 'em!

They're definitely an extension of her very peculiar personality.