Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL 2010 ... for those who wondered

I have heard lots of good things about the Plant City Strawberry Festival ... the main things being a gigantic, delicious strawberry shortcake for a couple of bucks ... so we decided we would give it a shot.

Turns out, it wasn't the best idea we've ever had. One positive about living in Florida ... we grow delicious strawberries in March, when the rest of America is wanting them. One negative ... even though they grow here, the prices are still insanely high, especially at the strawberry festival.

Anyhow, the Strawberry Fest turned out to be an over-priced, overrun event. As you'll see near the end of the video, you keep walking, and walking, and walking. And the people keep going, and going, and going. It seemed like half of the state was in this one little spot. You pay a LOT of money to get in, walk around a one mile square carnival (packed with thousands of people), and then you pay more money for over-priced strawberries. When I say a lot of people, I mean you literally are packed within this little area, and you slowly wander through the weaving crowd as you make your way through.

Here's my suggestion ... DON'T GO IN! This may be some people's idea of fun ... but it's NOT mine!

When you drive through the area, and you see all the little booths on the side of the road ... buy from them. You'll probably save a bunch of money on the strawberries. And, instead of walking around with half the state of Florida, in a teensy, little, dusty parking lot - go buy those cheaper strawberries, get all the strawberry shortcake fixin's with your family, and go home and have a KILLER shortcake with your family instead.

That's just my $.02

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Kristen said...

This year's strawberries are abnormally expensive because of the winter that we had. Normally the Strawberry Festival is an inexpensive way to get very fresh strawberries!! I live in SW Florida and they are nearly $5 per pound here!!!!