Kennedy Space Center - Titusville, FL - Part 2

The last post I put up a bunch of pics from our trip to Kennedy Space Center.  Those pictures were all indoor shots.  I had a few shots that were outdoors as well, so I thought I should add these as well.

Once again ... this is just a cool place to visit.  There's so much to do and see.


















It's cool to be here during the launch process.  Every single launch brings tons and tons of tourists pouring into the area hoping to see the lift off.  We talked with people from Europe and Canada.  And there were families from Japan as well.   Plus, all the weird, local Floridians hoping to catch the launch.  It's really a neat experience.  Almost like being part of the Super Bowl, or the Olympics, or something lots of people never get to experience. 

Finally, you'll notice some fuel cells in one of the pictures near the top.  There are two long white tanks on the sides of a large orange/brown tank.  This article talks about why those white shuttle launch fuels cells ended up being the size that they are.  (Thanks Rob for this interesting read!)


Jason V said...

reminds me of "The Right Stuff" pictures. :)

Jason V said...

Did the girls get sad when you told them "no more shuttles"?