More Great Savings!

Today is Thursday and I did my weekly shopping trip. There really was not much that I wanted to get. But I did manage to get some great deals! Sadly I used up the last of my Knoxx coupons,:( so I will not be getting all that wonderful overage anymore. Hopefully they put another out soon! I can hope anyway.Here are the numbers, total before sales and coupons, $102.68. Total after sales and coupons $8.92! 91%Savings!!
And a photo to show what I got...
And the list,
4- Boxes Knoxx gelatin
4-Boxes Golden Grahams Cereal
2- Bottles Juicy Juice
2- Boxes Lipton Teabags (for Al's Iced tea!)
4- blocks Kraft Extra Sharp Cheese
6- Cans Planters Nuts
4- Cans Hormel Chilli
2- Cans Pam non stick spray
8- Boxes Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes
1- Loaf Publix Itialian Sliced Bread

Not to bad for $8.92 if I do say so myself!
I will also be doing a bit of shopping at Albertsons this week as they have some great deals on fruit and a couple other things. The closesest Albertsons is a bit of a drive so I only go if they have great sales. With Al on his fast the sales that they have on fruit are too good too pass up. We are really going through a ton more produce it seems.

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