Coupon Cutters Make the Newspaper.

Many of you have been following our recent grocery store savings escapades. Well, I wanted to post this great article from the newspaper this weekend. It's not about us ... so if you're getting sick of hearing out successes, you can pick up on someone else.

However, it's a great article, definitely worth checking out. Definitely look at the 'Getting Started' section on the right side of the page when you get there.

Savvy savers: Coupon 'stacking' can save a ton of dough

For $19.04 worth of merchandise, Riley pays a total of $1.29 after using manufacturer coupons and CVS ExtraCare rewards. After she mails in a $5 rebate for one of the items, she will have actually profited from this shopping trip.
Her total rings up to $53.52, but after the cashier scans all her coupons, it's down to a mere $8.15. Wait. Riley's got a $10 gift card from filling a prescription at the Target pharmacy earlier. After using the gift card, yet again, she practically gets paid to shop.
Katie Riley of Palm Bay picks out items at Target in the Hammock Landing shopping center on 
Palm Bay Road. Riley saves hundreds of dollars a month using coupons.
Millions of cash-strapped consumers have been feeling the same. Coupon redemption was up 27 percent in 2009, according to Inmar, a company that tracks promotions and coupon redemption. This is the first increase in 17 years and has mainly to do with the recession, Inmar reports.

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