It's Grocery Shopping day again!

I am so loving Thursdays! Today I actually did a little shopping at Winn Dixie. They actually had sales that were good enough to go in for. I also went to my trusty Publix! That is still where I got the best savings!
Here is the Publix Trip...

 Total before sales and coupons, $97.12. What I paid after sales and coupons $8.28! A savings of 91%!!
This is what is here,
12- Cans Green Giant Corn
8- Cans Green Giant Green Beans
4- Pillsbury garlic bread Sticks
4- Jars Classico Alfredo Sauce
4- Boxes Betty Crocker Muffin Mixes
2- Packages Rubbermaid Produce storage containers
12- Boxes Mueler Whole Wheat Pasta
2- Progresso Bread Crumbs
5- Boxes Knoxx Gelitin
4lb- Pears

I think that I will be going back and getting more of the pasta and possible more of the canned veggies! They are just too good of deals to not stock up a bit more!

And here is my Winn Dixie trip. The total before sales and coupons $49.63. After sales and coupons $13.85. A savings of 72%. Not as good as Publix but not too bad for all that I got. There were some great deals in there! I had added the Potatoes and Lemons when I got there, They were not on my list to start with but I decided to get them any way. so had I not gotten them my percentages would have been better. But oh well I guess that I can't get everything with a coupon all the time.
This is what I got...
3lbs- Lemons
5lbs- Potatoes
4- packs McCormicks seasoning mix
2- bags Dole Salad mix
4- boxes Betty Crocker Brownies
8- Pillsbury Cinnomon Rolls
6- Cans Hunts Tomatoe Sauce
2- Boxes Nabisco Saltines

Even when I go back To Publix for more Pasta and veggies I will be under $30.00 for the week! Not bad!

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InkyFingers said...

Al, you better call out the troops... you need to build on to the house to hold the groceries.