Kennedy Space Center Weekend

As you may have noticed, we reached the east coast for a great weekend with Chris' folks.  While we were there, we made it back to the Kennedy Space Center.

The last time we were there, was about 4-5 years ago.  The girls were much younger.  So young, in fact, that while we were there we didn't get to watch any of the IMAX movies.  Why?  Well, because Kaitlyn absolutely freaked out when we went into the first one.  So we had to leave without watching it.

Unfortunately, that meant we missed out on a couple of the coolest pieces of U.S. history.  Additionally, we were never able to take the bus tour around the complex last time we were there.

So ... finally, we got to experience the entire thing.  And man is it cool.  The other great thing about Kennedy Space Center is that they allow you to come back for a second day free, when you purchase your one day pass.  And it's a good thing.  In my opinion it takes about 2 days to see everything entirely.

Anyhow ...

I wanted to share some of the pics we took while we were there.    If you ever get the chance, this is a place you should definitely visit.  It's pretty cool.

These pictures are all of the inside photos.  I'll put up the outside shots in a day or two, when I've had a chance to go through them a bit.  You even get to see a picture of Chris' Dad - David. 


One last note ...

About 5 pictures from the bottom, you'll see an international space station bathroom picture.  Take a look at the words listed in that picture.  Especially the bottom words.  Let me know what you think?


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Jason V said...

Looks amazing!