Thank You Walgreens!

Before I started couponing I rarely ever shopped at stores like CVS or Walgreens. (or Rite aid in the North West) I thought that they were way over priced and not worth my time to shop there. But now it is a different story all together. You can get some AMAZING deals at those stores that I never knew about. The amount of free things that I get there is unbelieveable! I have been able to get several hundred dollars of personal care items for pennies. I am am so not exaggerating here.  Here is the Super Wonderful deal that I was able to score today at Walgreens!
So in this photo there are 16 bottles of Purex 2x Laundry detergent.
2 cans of black olives and 2 bottles of starbucks mocha frapachino drinks.
Before sales and coupons this would have cost $106.20 So what did I spend to take all this home? $4.84!! Yep you read that right, only $4.84 came out of my purse to the nice checker at walgreens to take all this home. And nearly all of that ($3.36) was tax. So for those of you back in Oregon you would not have to pay even that much for all this.
So here is the breakdown of the deals...
The olives are on sale with a Walgreens in ad coupon for .99 each. I also used a manufactures coupon that you can print right from the Lindsey olive web site for $1.00 off of 2 cans. The total for both was .98 cents
The Mocha Frapachinos were onsale, also with a Walgreens in ad coupon, for $1.25 each. I used 2 more printable coupons for $1.00 off each bottle making the total for both bottles .50cents.
And the best deal of them all the Purex Laundry detergent! They are on sale for $5.99 each but they also have a month long sale of buy one get one free (for the month of March). And I had manufactures coupons from the Sunday paper a couple weeks back for Buy one Purex product get one free! So when I used that coupon with the sale that Walgreens has I was able to get both bottles for free!! Thankfully I buy multiple copies of the Sunday paper so I had 4 of these coupons. (also my mom sent me 4 of the flyers because they actually mail them to her and she is able to get multiple copies. So I get the added blessing of getting more coupons. Thanks mom!!) Now I could have used that coupon the very same week that I got it. Or because it had a value of up to 7.99 on the coupon I could have even gotten a bigger bottle for free. But I would have only gotten the 1 free. Because I held on to the coupon and waited for a good sale I was able to get both bottles for free! And each of the bottles will do 32 loads of laundry. Times that by 16 and I will be able to get 512 loads of laundry done with out paying for the soap to clean them.
So that was my Super Bargain of the day!
Praise God His blessings continue!!

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