Watching Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch from Cocoa Beach

 On February 7, we were able to accomplish one of our most elusive Florida goals ...

We watched the launch of a space shuttle.

Stumbling out of bed nice and early, before the sun came up, to catch the last night-time space shuttle launch. It had been canceled at 4AM the night before because of a low cloud cover. However, NASA gave the go ahead for this launch, and it went off without any hitches.

This was the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, Flight STS 130. Our view is from Cocoa Beach, Florida. I would guess about 15 miles south of the launch site.

Not the best, or most exciting, view ... but it's not everyday you get to see something like this.


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Jason V said...

amazing how bright it is!

I saw this, thought is was cool: