BIG Wakulla Inn Weekend Visit

Not too many days past, Chris' folks were here for a nice visit. Their first weekend here we ventured over to the east coast ... after a long hiatus. It was a great weekend, and her folks took great care of us over there.

It ended up being a HUGE week in Florida. It was the Superbowl weekend in Miami. The last night launch of a space shuttle, with Flight STS130 of Space Shuttle Endeavor. And the Daytona 500 was coming up later in the week.

So, it was great to get over there and have a little bit of fun. Here are some pics from our visit to the Wakulla Inn and their beach area. You can even see Kaitlyn dreaming of mermaids ... or dreaming of being a mermaid in one of the pictures.


After that, you'll catch a couple pics of us watching the shuttle launch from the same beach ... about 4AM on February the 8th.  This was one of our BIG goals when we came to Florida, to watch a launch live.  It had been called off the night before.  Thankfully we stuck it out one more night and were rewarded with a great view and a one in a lifetime event.  Although our pictures and videos don't do it justice, when we post up our pictures of our visit to Cape Canaveral, you'll catch a glimpse of the actual size of these shuttles.


 Talk soon!

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