Typing 100 miles an hour

Last time ... I talked about a cool new tool that I just learned about for the first time the other day.

This time ... I wanted to share something with you that I've known about for a LONG time. And I've even tried it before, but with very limited success.

You see, last time I was trying to do this with a different software ... a name brand I don't even want to mention here.

BUT ... this time ... I actually splurged and bought the real deal.

What is it?

Dragon Naturally Speaking - the software.

What does it do?

It lets you talk, and then it decodes your spoken words into words on the computer.

You talk ... it types.

The really cool thing about this particular software, though, is that it actually seems to work. I was planning on giving you a sample with this post, but we're doing some rearranging, so it worked out easier for me to type it.

I'll give you a sample soon. No edits, just straight up talking to typing.

Anyhow ... for the price ... this is an OUTSTANDING tool to help you create products for selling online.

Just thought I'd share.


Oh ... and a P.S.

A couple people are asking me if I'm getting all commercial, and promoting a whole bunch of products, and making money on them with the comments I've been posting up?

Well - if you aren't clicking on the links to my products, then NOPE, I don't make a single cent off of this site. Now, the links to the right, are sales products - and sometimes I do put links to my products in my posts. Most of you already know about all those, so that's not a big deal ... right?

BUT - this post, and the post about the Livescribe pen - I don't get a thing. PLUS + You'll notice there aren't a whole bunch of Google links on these pages. If I had those on here, I would get paid for them ... but we don't plan on doing that either.

I am just sharing them with you for ideas, and for sharing.

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Jason V said...

Does this still come with a microphone adapter to help with speech?