Christmas Spirit

We've all been getting in the Christmas Spirit around here.

I am totally excited about some of the gifts we got for the girls - one in particular is SO COOL - I want it.

Anyhow, it's neat having the girls around, they add a lot of excitement to the whole feeling of the season.

Here's a few shots of them getting into it:

You can see a LOT of Christy in this first shot. Notice the facial expression ... It's almost like looking at a younger version of Christy.

The fairy wings are a carry over from Keeley's birthday - a month ago. Yep ... Tinker Bell let us borrow some wings.

And ... I want to say thank you Jesus ... for giving us THE reason to celebrate.

Talk soon!


InkyFingers said...

My first thought when I saw both pictures was that they both look like teenagers in those pictures! NO...NOT YET!

Jason V said...

A lot of Christy in one and a lot of Al in the other. But some of each in both.

They probably even act like you guys did!