States ... SUCK!

You know ... if I had to operate my family on a budget where I had millions of people just handing me over money, I might figure out how to live on it.

In fact, I make money for my family ... and I DO have to learn to live within our means. And I don't make even CLOSE to what the 'states' make.

However, because of this 'economic crisis', many states are running out of money.

So much so ... that in fact they are thinking about selling public lands.

This is such a HUGE freaking slap in the face of every person who pays their taxes. Essentially, they are taking your money, and still giving away everything (and I mean everything) that you should be a part owner of.

Just check it out here.

Reading this article right now, makes me SO MAD! It makes me want to drop kick somebody.

And yet, the stupid police are still on their money sucking raids. In fact, just yesterday we drove down a 4 lane road (marked at 45 mph for some unknown reason?) where there were 4 cars pulled over. And 2 other sheriff's cars waiting to stop more unsuspecting travelers.

YOU PEOPLE SUCK! It's not enough that WE (Me and every other tax-payer) PAY YOUR SALARY! NO! That's not enough ... you continue to steal, and pillage, and destroy everywhere your greedy little hands can reach.

I am getting sick of paying you to protect me, to serve me, to help me ... and THIS is what I get in return. More taxes, more tickets, more bills, more fees!



Jason V said...

...which is why "government health care" should be avoided at all costs. It's almost impossible to down-size a government agency.

Times are good: Hire tons of people and expand the size
Times are bad: Sell off assets instead of firing people. ???

If the state of Calif doesn't cut waste, they will die. But they still won't.
Take "Permits" for example. Why are they still requiring "permits" for people to change a light socket? Why do you need 3 or 4 permits and inspections for something like a bathroom remodel?

Anyways, It seems to take a "crisis" (which has been looming for 30 years) to get a change in the works. Maybe people will stop voting for a bunch of Yahoos? Nah...

schandy said...

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