Anna Marie Island - Sun and Sunset

Hi ... and Merry Christmas!

We are sitting right on the verge of Christmas Day, and I am pretty excited for tomorrow to come. Two of the gifts we got for Kaitlyn are absolutely astonishing - to me. I am thrilled to be giving them to her.

For me, this one gift has brought back some amazing memories from my own childhood Christmases.

- The year I got a red Schwinn road bike.
- The year I got the G.I. Joe Aircraft carrier
- The year we all got motorcycles
- The year I got my Oakland Raiders jacket

All of those things, engraved into the hard wiring of my memory. I am hoping this gift really knocks her off her tushie.

Anyhow ... I wanted to write and share a little bit of the sun and fun we've been having here in Florida, in preparation for this Christmas season.

This last weekend, we traveled out to Anna Marie Island for the first time. And, in fact, I had shot about 10 minutes of video that I was thrilled to capture and share with you all.

Unfortunately, when I got home, the camera ate the tape and then I broke it in 2 pieces trying to get it to play. So, alas ... I won't be sharing one single second of the video with you.

Instead, you get the pleasure of checking out some of our pictures of this gorgeous area.

I hope you enjoy. I was sorry to hear about the nasty weather in Oregon - although - to me it sounds like I would love it. Fresh powder in the mountains seems almost as wonderful as the warm, soft, white-sand beaches here in Florida.

Merry Christmas to everyone. May God truly Bless You and Your Families in this beautiful season in celebration of His Son!


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