off the top of my...

hello everyone,

This is kind of a test of the urgency broadcast system. I wanted to test out this new speech to taxed software and I thought this would be a great place to sample it.

So everything that I'm saying to you right now it's coming from my voice and not for my fingers. Which is kind of cool. However I don't really have a whole lot but I want to say because I haven't been feeling all that inspired lately. But I'm totally digging this new software is really cool!

The great thing is even the punctuation is coming from my mouth and the lying rates.

I'm not really trying to bore you your only give you a good sample of what this can do so I'm going to actually read a small bit of text.this would be really quick though. It comes from a sales letter for one of my chicken products.

I have a strange chicken topic to share with you today. I hope you don't mind. When you think about it, chicken poop is a pretty nasty subject. But some people get all excited to bring up the topic.

Why are they excited?

Because chicken who makes an excellent fertilizer or your garden, dirt, and soil.

Chicken and you were is a great source of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium -- all of which are excellent fertilizer ingredients.

So there you have it this entire post has been written with my voice. I know there've been quite a few mistakes, but I think it was a pretty cool test to run any how.

So until next time, have a Merry Christmas and I'll talk with you soon.



Jason V said...

Pretty Darned Cool.

But it's funny how
"and you were" = manure

So what are you calling us? :)

InkyFingers said...

Just remember to tell your chicken customers to age their chicken manure first or they'll burn the "poop" out of the plants.

Jason V said...

PS: How fast were you talking, and did you feel yourself trying to "enunciate" clearly for it to understand you?
How much is the new SW? The old one was pretty expensive...